humiliatrix humiliatrix humilatrix

  Princess Tiffani Decides: Wishlist Extortion Games  

After keeping you caged in chastity for an entire week, Princess Tiffani knows she's got you exactly where she wants you: panting, gasping, pleading and moaning for your pathetic release, right in the palm of her precum-drenched hand. Ready to be tickled and taunted? Ready to do anything Princess Tiffani commands? No matter how humiliating? Maybe if you deplete her wishlist, she'll unsnap you from your cage and let you deplete your... your... "Ooh! Oh! P-P-Princess Tiffani!" Beg to make your worship puddle, loser. Go on. Start pleading with your Princess.


Chastity cage lockdown, tickling and taunting, tease and denial, wishlist exortion, jerk off humiliation...



  Weenie Roast at the Humiliatrix Sorority House: "Can't You Make It Any Bigger!?"  

Prepare to be pointed at, laughed at, teased, trashtalked and thoroughly humiliated, as three sorority sisters in string bikinis leave you feeling like the two-inch twerp you truly are. Rhianna and Samantha can't believe you're as tiny and feeble as Danielle claims. So Danielle decides to farce you to strip and present, so you can demonstrate to the girls just how useless you are. Be warned, loser: Nothing brings out the sadistic side of a sorority princess more than a big talker with a pinky-size package.

6 min wmv 640x480 81MB

Bikini tease, butt worship, verbal emasculation, small penis humiliation, lots of laughter...



  Predicament Humiliation Session: The Terms of Your Sissy Enslavement to Miss Kendra  

You have hilarious hopes of becoming her b-b-boyfriend. Miss Kendra has other ideas for a see-thru sissy like you. This sharp, stunning, cunning, hyper-articulate humiliatrix needs only ten minutes to strip you of your manhood, send you to your knees and ridicule you into making a "sissy spasm" for her -- with your middle finger farced up your foofoo hole.

This is the first in a series of predicament humiliation videos exploring the depths of your sissy enslavement to Miss Kendra.

10 min wmv 640x480 105MB

Ten minutes of verbal emasculation, rectal humiliation, small penis ridicule, farced "sissy spasm" masturbation...


  Sniff and Whimper: 8 Rules For My Cuckold Slave  

"Lick your lips, loser. Crawl between my legs and unsnap my garters with your teeth..." You are about to learn what it's like to become Princess Melissa's cuckold slave. Listen to Melissa tease and deny you into a jealous rage of futility, as she stokes your rival, eviscerates your ego, mocks your manhood and rubs your face in the sticky source of your inadequacy as a man. Prepare to be smothered in shame, as Melissa describes in degrading detail the eight ordeals you will suffer as her jealous, humiliated cuckold slave.

12 min mp3

Cuckold humiliation, enfarced chastity, sissification, financial domination, smothering, ass worship, sloppy seconds...



  Your Blind Date With An Intimidatrix: Carly Erin  

When you show up at her door on a blind date, tall, naturally-dominant Princess Carly Erin stares you down, laughs in your face and wonders aloud why the dating site is sending her midget men like you. But the real comedy show begins when cruel Carly Erin challenges you to unzip and prove to her that you're not a little man - where it counts. After she finishes laughing at it and lascerating it with her wit, she's going to farce you to use it to humiliate yourself, as she teases and taunts you. You are truly pathetic. Widdle man.

6 min wmv 640x480 55MB

Giantess fetish, boot and leg worship, emasculation, small penis humiliation, farced masturbation...



  Equestrienne Humiliation: Tiffani's Little Pony  

You shined her riding boots. You ironed her jodphurs. But, like the simpering imbecile you are, you forgot to ascertain her riding lesson. Now, because of your stupidity, Princess Tiffani is poised in her riding gear, brandishing her riding crop, without a pony to mount. Idiot! Prepare to be stripped, humiliated, beaten, broken and violated by a creatively cruel, dominant young equestrienne, who doesn't know the meaning of the word "mercy." Get down on all fours and put the bit in your mouth. Now, you moron.

7 min wmv 640x480 83MB

Equestriene fetish exploitation, ponygirl sissy humiliation, strap-on punishment...



  Public Humiliation Assignment: Your White Badge of Shame  

Princess Melissa thinks you need to be put through a public humiliation assignment, to expose you, shame you, and reveal to every dominant young woman in your path that you are nothing but a pathetic submissive wimp who was put on this planet to be ridiculed. What will you do when the mall princesses look you up and down, burst out laughing at you and start snapping cell pix of you to send to their girlfriends? Follow Melissa’s exact instructions, loser, no cheating -- no matter how badly you're squirming and burning with humiliation. Then send Melissa an email and tell her all about your emasculating ordeal.

3 minutes

Public humiliation. including ...? ....? ...? HA HA!



  "HA HA! LOOK, GIRLS!" Fitness Trainer Brandi Points and Laughs at YOU  

She trashtalked your "tiny package" and "pencil arms." She farced you to wear sissy panties to the gym. Now, cruel fitness trainer Princess Brandi is going to put you through the ultimate form of workout humiliation: She's going to farce you to do your "sissy workout" into your gym panties while she taunts you, points at you, and bursts out laughing at you. Ready to spooge your sissy panties for Princess Brandi, loser?

4 min wmv 640x480 42MB

Teasing, taunting, trashtalking, gym humiliation, laughing, pointing, j/o humiliation...



  Reunion Humiliation with Rhianna: You're Still a Total Loser  

Part One
5 min wmv 640x480 64MB

Part Two
6 min wmv 640x480 66MB

She was head cheerleader, prom queen and the hottest, meanest girl in school. You were a dorky little nobody to her - until she found out about the jerk-off shrine you made to her in your room, and humiliated you in front of the entire school for it. Now, at your high school reunion, you might think you've become a big man and a success, but to cruel Ice Princess Rhianna, you're still just the pathetic little dweeb who wants to slime her cheerleader panties with your loser goo. Now she's going to farce you to do it, for real, as she mocks and belittles you.


Emasculation, verbal humiliation, panty humiliation, ass worship, farced masturbation...



  My Pretty Nails: The Better to Tease You With  

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All my girlfriends and I keep our fingernails wickedly manicured and our toesies perfectly pedicured because we know it makes you weak and easy to manipulate. We use our pretty hands to snake charm the packages of real men… while using our long lovely fingernails to flick, tickle and belittle pathetic runt peckers - like yours. I love scratching the fingernail of my pinky finger 'neath the foreskin of your tiny boner until you're stuttering, begging and blubbering out the precum and promises for Princess Melissa. Ha ha! No mercy for you, Mister Shrimpy! Ready to be tickled to the brink and teased into salon slavery? Are you sure? Cause after I wipe out your credit cards, all I intend on doing is snapping my sexy nails against your blueballs and flicking your widdle pecker back down to size.

This session concludes with a humiliating farced masturbation assignment. Don't forget to make your piddly little deposit -- into my manicure-pedicure fund!

7 minutes of suffering

Manicure and pedicure tease, hand job denial, farced sissy-style handjob



  Dallas Diva Deanna Flips Your Pathetic Sissy Ass  

Don't date a 6-ft tall Southwestern chick like Deanna, unless you're ready to go long, hard and real-man rough. Ready to unzip and show Deanna what you've got? Or is no-nonsense Deanna gonna have to strap it on and "be the man" tonight? Prepare to pony up, pokey pants, or be mocked, bitch-slapped and sent home in sissy panties by a Dallas Diva who loves opening up a can of whupass on limp liberals, metrosexual sissibois, eurotrash phonies, and wimpass wussies - like you, loser.

7 min wmv 640x480 83MB

Texas-style trashtalking, cockmocking, sissybaiting, strap-on scene setting...



  Princess Mai Tricks You Into Becoming Her Toidy Bowl Slave  

Teasing seductress Princess Mai knows you'd do almost anything to gain three minutes of freedom from your chastity cage - no matter how degrading. Mai promises that if you clean her room, wash her lingerie, and scrub her toilet, she'll unlock your little cock and let you choke out a worship puddle at her 4-inch high heels. Should you trust her? Or is Mai merely setting you up to humiliate you - leaving you locked up, brownnosed and blueballed, before ditching you for her boyfriend?

6 min wmv 640x480 60MB

Chastity, bra and panty teasing, cuckold taunting, toilet bowl humiliation...



  Office Humiliation: Princess Danielle Takes Charge  

Princess Danielle just got her MBA -- Masters in Blueball Administration. Danielle knows that aggressively managing your cock and balls is the key to running your business and ruining your life. Danielle intends on texting her girlfriends, teasing your cock, and ordering up the "office supplies" -- s/m sex toys to torment you. Once Danielle takes control of your cumloads, can your cashflow be far behind? Stay away, dumbass. Unless you want to end up bankrupt and blueballed by she-devil Danielle.

7 min wmv 640x480 82MB

Office humiliation, bratty dom cockteasing, panty flashing, butt worship, foot worship, small cock humiliation...



  Under Melissa's Bed: "Heeere Cucky-Wucky..."  

Stripped of your manhood, snapped into chastity, and farced into sissy servitude. What could be more emasculating? How 'bout spending the night under Princess Melissa’s bed. Gagged, tubed, plugged, and pinned down to the pink plush carpet, surrounded by Melissa's high heels, dirty panties, used condoms… while just inches above you? Melissa has brought a real man into her bed -- your boss -- to cuckold you and humiliate you, all night long… What cruel cuckold torments and sissy trials does Melissa have in mind for you? Lick your lips and swallow hard, sissikins. It's time for your humiliation session with Melissa the Meanest.

10 minutes

Chastity, sissification, cuckold humiliation, farced servitude...



  This Little Piggy Wants... Princess Toe Kisses!  

When Princess Tiffani tells her devious friend Princess Carlotta all about your giggle-worthy weaknesses and fetishes, Carlotta decides to tease and ridicule you by putting you through a game of "this little piggy" -- using all twenty of their French pedicured toes! This little piggy is about to become THEIR little piggy -- that means YOU, loser. Ready to succumb to the mercy of two wickedly cruel, supremely gorgeous sorority goddesses? Huh, weakling?

7 min wmv 640x480 84MB

Exposing your silly sexual secrets, exploiting your fetishes, and lotsa laughter and teasing at your expense...



  Humiliation Assignment: Miss Kendra Sends You To Work as Her Sissy Slut  

Cruel, cunning Miss Kendra knows exactly what lurks beneath your ridiculous real-man costume: a simpering sputtering sissy desperate for a dominant young woman to snap you into frills and lace, void your laughable boy-boundaries and emasculate you until you're pink with shame. Be warned: one look into Miss Kendra's hypnotic eyes and you will find yourself risking embarrassment, exposure, and total emasculation -- just to lisp the words, "Yes, Miss Kendra. I'm your obedient sissy slut."

5 min wmv 640x480 46MB

Humiliation Assignment featuring Merciless Emasculation, farced Sissification, and the Threat of Abject Public Humiliation



  Princess Genni Decides: Do You Get To Cum Today?  

You know you're in for an ordeal when drop-dead gorgeous, 19-year-old mall brat Princess Genni is dangling the key to your cock lock. She taps your penis prison with the key in a cruel game of "knock-knock." She traces the tips of her long fingernails along your aching blueballs, giggling and sneering at your distress. She stares you in the eye and lavishes a lollipop with her devil-girl tongue. If you want your release today, you better beg, plead and do anything your cruel keyholder commands.

6 min wmv 640x480 64MB

Chastity cage torment, keyholder tease, lollipop licking, giggling at your frustration...



  Sorority Princess Tiffani Teases You, Uses You, Mocks You, and Ignores You  

You just spent thousands on clothes, shoes and jewelry to adorn her with, in a laughable attempt to impress her. Now Princess Tiffani has you standing in the corner of her bedroom, credit cards drained, your tiny neglected dicket at full attention. You burn with humiliation as she tells a girlfriend what a pathetic dormat you are. Will Tiffani show mercy on you and toss you one of her ankle socks? Or will she keep you desperate, blueballed and throbbing with frustration?

7 min wmv 640x480 81MB

Sugardaddi exploitation, brat dom, butt tease, leg tease, small penis humiliation, mockery, giggles...



  Rhianna's Rules for You: The Sorority's New Sissy Slave  

Imperiously cruel Ice Princess Rhianna is hiring a sissy slave for the Alpha Delta Humiliatrix sorority house. The pay is zero. You will be subject to a rigorous regime of feminization, along with a set of humiliating rules, including frequent panty inspections. Boy-juice emissions in your sissy panties are strictly forbidden.

This video concludes with an emasculating real-life humiliation assignment.

4 min wmv 640x480 49MB

Sissy training, emasculation, farced feminization, panty humiliation...


  DEMOTED and DOWNSIZED by your Intern Melissa  

When your sexy sly intern uses her wiles to invade your files, you can say bye-bye to that promotion, Mister Cublicle-For-Life. She might be half your age, but she just leap-frogged you, Prince Charmless. That's right. Your intern is your new boss and you're her little office bitch. You better start thinking about kissing your new boss' leather boots... unless you want to get pink-slipped, panty-butt.

12 minutes

Office humiliation, blackmail, boot worship, farced "boot cream" production...


  Princess Melissa Pentauk makes you BEG for it  

Go ahead, beg. Plead. I love nothing more than taking a guy like you, a guy who should know better, and teasing you, seducing you and using your fetishes against you. To make you weak. To make you vulnerable to me.

4 minutes



"Miss B Takes Control"

What happens when your sexy new intern uncovers your favorite website (hint hint), your embarrassing online porn stash, and all your humiliating sexual secrets? If that intern is Asian American Giggle Princess Miss Bee, you can plan on being teased, tormented, used and blackmailed. Unless you'd prefer to be exposed? Guess who's in charge now, bossy boy? Humiliatrix Miss Bee, that's who.

Office humiliation, pointing, giggling, teasing, verbal humiliation,
panty flashes, ankle bracelets, high heels...

"Air Kisses and Butt Smooches
from Princess Jade"

Yoooo hooo Sugar Daddie! Princess needs another drinkie! Cha-ching! Princess needs a new bikini! Lounging and pampering by the pool of an expensive resort requires a big bank wad, Sugardaddy. That’s why Princess Jade needs you to be a good slaveboy for her. If you do a reeeeeeeallly good job? Maybe she’ll let you bury your nose between her bronze butt cheeks while she teases your little pecker.

Cockteasing, buttworship, verbal humilation, laughter at your expense…

"Worship My Princess Palace, Wimp"

You just can't help staring at that gorgeous blonde fitness trainer, Humiliatrix Princess Brandi. When Brandi catches you with a boner in your shorts, she calls you out, taunts you and farces you to kneel nose-to-camel-toe, between her powerful legs, as she mocks you, belittles you, and farces you to sniff her "princess palace" - a place you'll never get to visit. Loser.

Teasing, taunting, trashtalk, gym humiliation, cameltoe worship...

"Foot Humilation Session with Princess Jade"

Princess Jade knows how to use her pretty feet to control your pathetic little pecker -- and make you do embarrassing, humiliating things for her amusement. Get ready to give poolside toe kisses and foot rubs to your Princess, as her sorority sisters giggle at you and you and tease you for being the foot stool of a fool you truly are. It’s public humiliation time at the pool for you with Princess Jade.

POV foot worship, taunting, public humiliation, girlish giggles…


"Princess Brandi's Buttkisser"

Don't you dare get caught drooling over Princess Brandi's perfect butt, boner boy, unless you're prepared to kiss it. For real. At the gym. In public. In front of everyone. Humiliatrix Princess Brandi knows you'd secretly love to be her brownnoser bitch boy. She plans on rubbing your face in it your torment and turning you into her butt-kissing fool. Pucker up for your Princess! You dirty old drool bucket..

Butt worship, short shorts, gym humiliation, pecker teasing, laughter...

"Poolside Foot Worship with
Pedicure Princess Jade"

Is it her perfect red toenails, her petite pedicured feet, or heart-stopping high heels that turn you into a drooling begging fool before Humiliatrix Princess Jade? Maybe it’s her bratty attitude and the way she effortlessly orders you around. When she crosses her long lovely legs and dangles one of those open-toed high heels your way, she knows she’s got you wrapped around her perfect little pinky toe.

Foot fetish manipulation, pedicure tease, foot worship, verbal humiliation

  Ripping You A New One  

Just how pathetic are you? Do you really want to know? Because Melissa The Meanest is about to tell you in excruciating, emasculating, cock-mocking detail. Think you can take it like a man? Or will you end up on your knees whimpering and pumping out the piddly squirts for your princess. . .

5 minutes

insults, farced masturbation, princess-style domination, humiliatrix tease and arousal


"Princess Britney Teases and Denies You"

Cruel Princess Britney uses her wicked French-manicured fingernails and her adorable hot pink toes to tease and arouse you into a state of weakness, frustration and total submission to her. You'd think that after all begging, blubbering, pleading and drooling she's about to put you through, that she'd maybe take mercy on your bursting blueballs and let them have just a little relief? Mmmm... guess again, loser. You get nothing but stiffie teases, insults, giggles, and total denial. Cuz that's the way Princess wants it.

Fingernail worship, foot worship, fetish arousal, teasing, mockery, verbal humiliation, denial.

"Princess Britney Controls Your Cumloads"
format: wmv 480x360

Other than shopping for shoes, going to the salon and working on her tan, nothing is more fun to a cruel, controlling Humiliatrix like Princess Britney than making you squirm and suffer. Now that she's got you down on your knees, with the "teardrops" sputtering off the tip of your trembling, tickle-teased cock, the real fun begins. Just how low will you go to earn the cum command, loser? Maybe if you impress Britney with how far you're willing to humiliate yourself, she'll snap her pretty little fingers and let you unleash your worship piddles at
her perfectly pedicured feet.

Preening, brattiness, putting you in your place, POV on your knees humiliation, induced begging, farced humiliation, and, and....????



"Cruel Princess Michele's Spring Break Cuckold"
format: wmv 480x360

Princess Michele. Princess Perfection. Pageant Princess. Prom Queen. Ice Princess. Heartbreaker. She flirted with your fetishes, led you on, and teased you into taking her on an island resort vacation... The dinners, the diamonds, her designer wardrobe, you paid for it all... Only to learn that she was just using you, silly piggy, and that she intended all along on cuckolding you and playing you for the pecker-pants fool you obviously are. Used and humiliated, stiff and stranded, all you can do is blubber and gush into her steamy, dirty,
discarded bikini bottoms. And grovel to her for your sloppy seconds.

"Pedicure Princess Michele's Fumbling Foot Slave"
format: wmv 480x360

Did you hear that "thud," weakling? That was the sound of you dropping to your knees. No matter how hard you try to resist, you can't help but yield to the temptation peaking up at you: those ten perfect toes, polished in pink. Princess Michele knows very well what her shapely legs, her pretty pedicured feet, and her sinister sexy shoes do to you. And she intends on exploiting your obvious weakness for elegant feminine feet into a full blown obsession. Go ahead, droolbucket. Beg to give your pedicured princess a kiss on the tip of her pretty little toes. Who knows. If you're an obedient little foot slave, maybe she'll even let you spit out the shoe polish for her.



  Who Controls Your Joystick, Jerky Boy?  

It's funny. My sorority sisters and I were having drinkies, getting ready to go out to the clubs and we started talking about guys like you. Sad little loser boys who stay at home Saturday nite playing your pathetic fantasy sports, second life, video games... Like you are right now. You love to twiddle your joystick and make pretend, don't you, wannabe boy? What's funny is that in reality you don't even control the pathetic little joystick between your legs! You think you do, dummy. But you don't. WE do, my sorority sisters and I. We control your joystick. All we have to do is put on a cute little outfit and some lip gloss, smile, sneer, cross our legs, dangle a high heel in your direction... And it's like I've got my pretty little hand wrapped around your joystick. My joystick. To do whatever I want with. So much fun. Should I tease it and make it stiffen? Should I snap it with my fingernail and make it soft? Or will I make it betray you, embarrass you, humiliate you, make it squirt all over your ugly face while I stand over you and laugh at you? The deal is, it's up to me. Not you.

10 minutes

mind control, tease and arousal, age exploitation, induced embarrassment, predicament ejaculation




"Humiliated at the Gym
by Brandi"
video now in members area!
format: wmv 480x360

When Humiliatrix Brandi catches you drooling over her at the gym she proceeds to lay waste to your ego, trashtalking your "pencil arms" and "tiny package," proclaiming for everyone to hear that "your kind of workout involves hand lotion, sissy panties and porno," and then (just in case you were wondering, loser) loudly informing you that you have "no chance" of dating her as she bursts out laughing in your face.



"Workout For A Wimp
with Princess Brandi"
video now in members area!
format: wmv 480x360

Ready for a rude reality check? Here's the deal, dorky: Superbitch Brandi is going to strip you of your masculine illusions by putting you through one of her workouts. And if you can't keep up with her like a man, she's going to farce you reach into your panties "to do your sissy workout" for her instead. So what's it gonna be, wimp, pumping iron like a man or pulling your peepee and piddling your panties as Brandi giggles at you?






  Are You a Sissy or a Stud? Reality Check from Melissa.  
    Stud or sissy: which one are you? I know you like to play-act and pretend you're a man to everyone around you. So now it's time for you to take my test -- to unzip and put your package on display for Princess Melissa, so my girlfriends and I can determine whether you're the kind of man who deserves tight pink pussy... or tight pink panties. If you're a real man, you'll have no problem passing my test and having all my hottie girlfriends licking their lips over you. But if you fail...? Prepare to be put through a humiliation session I designed to demonstrate to you just what a second-prize winning, sloppy seconds slurping, fluff-faced fairy you truly are. Unzip your pants and push the play button. I dare you... click here to play  
10 minutes
  teasing, taunting, fetish manipulation, mockery, farced cuckoldry, farced ejaculation, laughter  



"Princess JadeTeases and Trashtalks Your Tiny Pecker" Part One
video now in members area!
format: wmv 480x360

Super-bitchy bikini-clad Humiliatrix Princess Jade teases you, taunts you, arouses you and mercilessly denies you, as she trashtalks that worthless little festering pimple between your legs. All you can do is cower in shame and humiliation as you listen to Jade's girlfriends whisper back and forth about you, belittling your manhood, giggling
at you and finally exploding into girlish laugher at what a pathetic little wimp you are. If you're tiny and you know it and you really want to blow it, unzip and tune into this video now.


"Princess JadeTeases and Trashtalks Your Tiny Pecker" Part Two
video now in members area!
format: wmv 480x360

Imagine what a sarcastic sorority girl next door like Princess Jade would do to you if she caught your pathetic pecker erect in your panties while you were spying on her sunbathing at the pool. Can you imagine having a merciless bikini bitch like Jade point between your legs in front of all her giggling girlfriends and call you out for being the peanut-pantied pretender you truly are. Time to put on your speedo and check your ego with the cabana boy. You are about to be teased, trashtalked and humiliated by Humiliatrix Princess Jade.



"Britney Owns Your Cock and Balls"
video now in members area!
format: wmv 640x480

Who controls that little worm in your pants, you or me? Wanna find out? You better not watch this video, weakling, cuz I'm gonna fuck with your fetishes and snake charm your little cock until I've got your blueballs firmly in the palm of my pretty little hand. I'm not going to stop until you are broken down, defenseless, and completely addicted to me. Then we can really have some fun together. Isn't that right, my little puppydawg?




"Rules for My Shopping Slave"
video now in members area!
format: wmv 640x480

Hey sugardaddie, wanna play hooky from work to take shopping for bikinis and hi heels today? Of course you do, you stuttering old drool bucket! But it you wanna be my fool and make the drool, you've gotta play by my rules. In this video I lay down the humiliating rules you're gonna hafta follow if you want to be my shopping slave. Don't forget to bring your credit cards! You can leave your boxer shorts, your dignity and your self-esteem at home.







humiliatrix humiliatrix humilatrix

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