"Melissa's World" is beyond
description …Her stories…
as well as astounding artwork
representing each scene
is given to you for such
a menial membership fee
that you should definitely
consider sending gratuities
and gifts… If denial
and humiliation is your
fetish…considers this
site your new home...

Humiliatrix is undoubtedly
one of the best sites of this
nature on the Internet.

-- Review by Master Ice
on September 4, 2002
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A very comprehensive fantasy
world for you to play in."

-- Jane's Guide, the
"consumer reports" of porn

comments on humiliatrix.com


I would just like to thank you for giving me the chance to realize what a wimp I really am. Your member section is unbelievable and logging in for the first time was like losing one's virginity. You have no idea how some of your diary entries hit close to home (btw I'm one of those losers who still lives with mommy).I especially appreciate emails that you send out to inform us of any site updates (the tease sessions with rachel was unbelievable). Since becoming a member I have logged on daily and just can't get enough, you really have taken over my life.

Thank You for the Losergram. It was nice getting your email (i think). Like the new Teasers. Except now it is even harder to stay away from Humiliatrix.com.
Dearest Melissa . . . thanks so very much! I WILL BE renewing soon, but not tonight...it'll be next weekend, OKAY, SuperGIRL? Hey, I better run before those Humiliatrix Cheerleaders hunt me down and rip my pants down exposing me and my fancy poka dot boxers! If they did that I'd just Die!. See ya pretty soon, - you know whoooo
All men on planet earth should kneel before Goddess Melissa. Hail Goddess Melissa!!!! --Your slave forever
I love your site it has taught me much about myself and let me see my inner child
Dear Mistresses Melissa and Song-i, i should be repulsed by the things You promise to do to me, but i find myself irresistably seduced by the thought of serving You as Your sissymaid! i long to have You strip me of every symbol of manhood. i am such a joke as a man anyway! At least in Your plan, two very beautiful and deserving Women would get some use out of my worthless male body! -- Your sissy maid slut

I spend most of my time jerking off to your website and giving you money to buy stuff with via the fee.
i am becoming very addicted.
Your sessions are getting better all the time the last three were the best so far ... love it when you laugh at us. and make us say out loud gobble gobble
Thanks for letting me join your site, again. You are the best. i love your voice, especially when you laugh. i want to cry when you do that.
it is a pleasure to join your wonderful site and i look forward to Melissa every day
Dear Melissa, Rachelle, Bronwyn Kim Song-i: Yes, you are all correct at what a sissy wanking loser i am.
I already renewed and thanks so much for the reminder, even though I don'tdeserve yout time of day from you! Love your site!
Hi Mistress, I really can't take that anymore. I am getting more and more addicted to you. I really will do anything for you, as I am supposed to do. As you have said: I would risk my career and reputation... I would jeopardize my family life... and risk total exposure... for the unspeakable mortification of becoming a submissive on-call slave to a stunningly beautiful and sadistic sorority girl slash teenage dominatrix
who controls my major credit cards
who degrades me in front of her girlfriends
who spits in my face and smacks me
who beats me and abuses my sexual parts
who keeps me in a chastity belt
who uses me as her toilet
who permits me no sexual gratification
(with her or anyone else)
who makes me pleasure her orally...
(after she has sex with her boyfriend)
who sodomizes me with a dildo
for her amusement... Everything I have belongs to you. Please take me Mistress. I have never cummed for anyone other than you since I joined the membership. I have followed all your instructions, with great pleasure, for a few weeks. You have become my only need. I have even broken up with my girlfriend to dedicate myself to you. Please take me Mistress. I am begging for it. Please control every aspect of my life. I am giving you everything I have. I am totally yours. Everything is yours. I need nothing but you. Everything is yours, forever...... --your totally submissive slave.
I just have to tell You that I can't help spanking my little pee-pee while listening to Your recordings! I do it over and over and over, but PLEASE don't tell anyone! I love getting Your emails, and I'm always afraid one of my female students will see them, and then I'll be exposed as a squirty pants!
Hi, I joined your site for a month and thought it was exquisite. Thank you for not having the recurring billing at first. I love getting mail like this Saturday Night LOSERGRAM I just got. I'll surely be back soon.
Will you marry me Melissa? : )
i enjoy your site tremendously, and am addicted to your increasingly harsh levels of humiliation.
What is it like, walking around and knowing that every fifth fellow you meet would do anything for you if he knew who you were, or who you could pretend to be?
I would like to compliment you on your website. The content is excellent both from a quality as well as a quantity standpoint. I thank you for delivering what you promised and I appreciate the value I received for my buck. : )
Ms. Melissa, I don't know how you have done it but I am enthralled. I will find a way to pay the fee to join your site discreetly ASAP. I listened to the "wimp and weakling" file. I guess that proves that I am both.

Hi alphabitch, your site is great and i wish to be your slave for life. Your site is good for me to jerk off every day. Your Pussycleanerboy
You are a truly talented unattainable goddess. I can imagine working for you as a web-jerk, pure humiliation and suffering, with blue ball treatment as a reward. Keep up the good work, it is sheer genius.
i am becoming more and more infatuated with (addicted to) Melissa. do You think i have a chance with Her?
Mistress Melissa, you've got me mind, soul, and body. Please order me to get on a plane, fly to wherever you want me, and take me to use for yourself and your girlfriends as your house cleaning wanker-manker who cleans the house, does laundry, irons. runs errands, does food shopping/cooking, does foot/neck deep massage, and on command, does things that only a fool like me would do in front of you and your girlfriends for your entertainment and many laughs.

i just found Your site and listened to Your audio introduction message--WOW! You read me like a book, especially when You spoke of "the metal clasp locking shut around my private parts with the key dangling from Your hands"! As i own and sometimes wear a stainless steel chastity belt from Access Denied, that really hit home!
Just to reassure you, most of us who are fans of Melissa's aren't anything like Ralphie on the Sopranos. We're more like Artie.

I love your site. Which is only natural since I am a pathetic loser sissy. I especially liked the line (when describing the pretty bedroom of a bitchy way-to-gorgeous-for-me girl) about nosing around in her trash-basket and finding "her boyfriend's used condoms." Yes, it was always thus. Girls like that are just an unattainable dream for a tiny-penised sissy like me -- while a real man (like some high school jock) regularly gets to make love to her. And she will proudly date her big hunky jock -- where she wouldn't be caught DEAD out with me in public! Date a sissy? Aaahhh . . . I hardly THINK so! Sissies like me just have to be content with playing with ourself on Saturday nights --like some pimply teenage boy. Our Saturday night date consists of a dab of hand lotion, and a few kleenex to clean up. It's quick, distinctly unsatisfying -- and the only "sex life" a meek sissy loser will ever have. Well, I'll let you go so you can get all dolled up for your date with your boyfriend. I'll stay in again tonight and . . . well -- you know.
I see Melissa as a liberator of the human spirit. For Melissa to acknowledge and interact with the submissive inner child that resides in so many men demonstrates her respect for all humanity. Under her mocking smirk I sense a bit of compassion.
I went to the mall today and bought a nice business suit and a pair of sheer pink bikini panties. Do you think the salesgirl knew I was a sissy?
You are brilliant. you have a wonderful way with words. Love your emails. Keep up the good work, and I will always be subscribing to one of your websites. Currently I am enjoying "Bad Boys Get Spanked"
Obviously I'm one of those pathetic submissive masochists who has no will power or resistance to your dominance, beauty, and sadism. I believe Women like Yourself are the only hope for the world. I love Your website.
I just love your sexy voice and how perfectly confident you are. I am a Sissy cross dresser and I love just doing anything that a perfect Dominant women like you tells me too. I will sign up for your website here in the next couple days, I adore it very much, I'm not the type that jerks off to websites though, just to a beautiful Dominant Princess like yourself. You deserve to be up on a Throne with your Sexy Princess Crown and whip telling me what to do for you.
Just too perfect... what I've always needed to hear. You would have loved what happened yesterday. My girlfriend was coming over at 6:30 but even as the time approached, I couldn't put it back in my pants, hearing you sing song "Tee tee tee teee club" over and over again. I didn't get caught but it did take me a few minutes to get the door while waiting for my hard on to subside in my khakis and I knew how you would have smiled and laughed knowingly at the thought. -yours
Goddess Melissa I sit here in my dress bra panties hose and high heels a sissy that would do anything to be with a Woman like you. I thank you fro your wonderful web site That tells about what pathetic losers men are and how Superior women are. I believe that i was put on this earth to serve the superior Female sex in any way that Women see fit for me to serve them pussy whipped

A wonderful site - definitely worth the money.
i went to Your site as promised and just read and listened to your story "You Are So Busted". Oh my, did You nail me. i'm still shaking... thank You Your slut,
First of all i would like to complement YOU for having one of the best FEMDOM websites on the net. i have loved listening to YOUR audio tapes. They appeal to me because i consider myself a complete wimp.
Thank yoou sooooooo much for teasing and tormenting
You are right. It does move me to know the control you wield over me as your submissive. I will be humbly rejoining your group next week. I cannot resist you and your feminine charms.
Goddess Melissa Rules!!!!!! On my knees obeying your every wish. My whole purpose in life is to serve, obey and worship Goddess Melissa. All men should kneel before you.
Well, I don't know where I want to live more--humiliatrix or hubbies. Wonderful evocations of the impossible...perhaps the 21st Century will prove better than I ever imagined. Thank you for all of your creativity and superb efforts.
You are a dream come true. As a male in my 40s with secret submissive tendencies, I have searched for so long for the ideal Teenage Goddess. You are heaven-sent. I know you are a cyber-fantasy, but I will continue to squirt-squirt my offerings to your all-consuming beauty and authority.
I'm so happy you wrote me to seduce me back into the fold. I of course will be rejoining Humiliatrix (for the 4th or 5th time - I forget). Your overwhelming vacation story was more than enough to push me over the edge. Oh, how I wish I were that MD!!
Just as You so adequately describe me as a pathetic little wanking splooger, i am totally in love with your website! Its getting better and better and you are becoming more and more creative. You have such a complete knack for total humiliation of the male ego. i love it. God you're right i would love nothing better than to be Your occasional but dedicated brown nosing asskisser! Meaning i would be willing to kiss Your ass all day every day and You would occasionally, when You're bored or something, remember to tell me to do it. Would you believe i even spent the last of my loser unemployment check JUST so that i could log back on Your site and wank off in my pink sissy panties to the sounds of Your voice. Simply awesome.
i LOVE THE DIARY stories... and Her laugh... Please forward on my request for more strapon ... more big black cock... and more black strapon big black cock..hehehe >:P Lustfully in Panties
God! Are you brilliant! I love your mind!
Mmmmm! Great message this week! Hey, I was a bit worried, lately you've been traveling into sissification, strap-ons, closet homosexual themes which aren't me at all. But this week, you focused a bit more on us suckers and geeky losers (OK there was a bit of the panty wearing sissy theme going on, but it was only the second part). I love hearing about how you use guys to do your bidding and then dump them, giving them nothing in return.
Thank you, Melissa. I love you....
You are right about EVERYTHING! As a former college professor, I thought I was at least a little bit interesting and attractive to my younger female students. I ended up being "Melissa fodder" for a couple of sadistic young women, who wrapped me around their little fingers, led me around by the nose, and eventually dumped me without even a whiff of pussy. One even would go into detail about her sex life just to watch me squirm. Talk about the ultimate chuckold! Do you women have some kind of training manual to teach you how to do this? Anyway, congratulations on a great web site. I submit to you because you're 100% right about everything you say!
i have really enjoyed YOUR website over the last several months. i am looking to find a Dominant GODDESS just like YOU, MELISSA, to take over control of my sex drive with a locked on chastity device and to use, manipulate, humiliate, tease and control me for HER own amusement and enrichment. i must admit to YOU that i am a middle-aged submissive wimp who has a cock that never gets bigger than 4 inches when "it" gets fully erect. i dream daily about being married to Beautiful sadistic FEMALE GODDESS like YOU, MELISSA. The type of marriage in which i was never allowed to have the normal sexual relationship with my WIFE, but was instead trained to become a pathetic "sexual puppet" for HER own amusement. my role as a husband would include such duties as doing all the housework, cooking, cleaning, errand running, as well as earning enough money so that my GODDESS could spend HER time shopping and looking sexy for HER "real men" lovers.
Your messages just get stronger and more devastating, and my submission and acceptance of my place in this world as a compliant, pathetic wimp for desirable women just grows... urrghhh... You are fantastic Melissa.
I am not sure how you know me so well, but you do. You're absolutely correct, I would be a complete stutterfuck in your presence. I always am in the presence of gorgeous women (I see so many each day). I realize that there is no way they would be interested in me, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy..(including handing in all my keys). My dream is to meet someone like you.. someone who would know their power over me, and use it which ever way they want. Signed: The man you describe in your diary
Your Most Royal Goddess and Humiliatrix, i am currently seeking employment, Goddess. As soon as i find a job, i will immediately return to Your website where i occupy my status as Your property. i admit it: my thingy is so very tiny as to render it functionally useless, and deserving of ridicule and humiliation. Thank You, Goddess, Melissa, for reminding me of my lowly status as your little wimpy man and spiffyboy
I promise to sign on to your web site in a few days. I am under your control, and I think your voice is so sexy. I have signed on three times to your site. I love to be humiliated and will do anything you say.
Hi Melissa! Thanks for your e-mail. I missed ya so bad I'd do anything for you Melissa. Pleeeeeeeeeese..... I wizzed over to your website as soon as I could secretly with my little thingy that you control, that belongs to you, so I could make a deposit . . . Thanks for your great stories and assignments. I do prefer the stories when you give me personal attention and ask for a deposit on line, so to speak. I always die with embarrassment, and am terrified of being discovered as I get to the point of no return, but what can I do? You're in control! "All for you, none for her".
God I love you Melissa. I wish there was a way I could totally emasculated by you in real time or over the phone or something. anything. Your recordings are to die for. I get excited just thinking about it.
Hello My ALPHA GODDESS, i am so unworthy of your attention, but am very happy that you have deemed to gaze into my direction tonight. i am so beguiled by your voice and site that i seem to be unable to ever leave it for long. i know you have delved inside my soul and read all my secrets and one day sometime soon you shall decide to make it public just to add some excitement to your life and i am as always helpless when i am near you.. i would just like to add a thank you for all that you do to me..
Melissa, I creamed in my hand while reading your cock-hardening e-mail. Even though I know it can never be, my ultimate fantasy is to be humiliated by you in person. You have my utter devotion, passion and servitude, given with all my heart, soul and worthless cock.
Yes I still have this crush on you...and deep inside of me I wish that you are my girlfriend. I really enjoyed your creative website. Sometimes I wish that you add more on your updates. I especially enjoyed the one in which I could hear you and your lovely friends in the background.
You know just the kind of sissy boy I am. I love your strap on training, more of that please.
I am going over to your website immediately and sign up so I can furtively experience sexual arousal mixed with large helpings of shame and humiliation. Hopefully my wife won't find out. Oops, gotta go now, I have to clean up the kitchen and do the laundry before my wife gets mad.
Melissa, I have known since age 9 when I first started stealing and wearing my sisters panties that I was an embarrassment to my male sex. Every female who I have ever told about my uncontrollable compulsion to wear pretty girls panties has agreed that I was pathetic and just didn't deserve to get to use a real girl for sex. My ex (she dumped me last weekend for a real man) insisted that when I had to wear boys clothes (jeans and such) that I always wear a pair of lil girls plastic panties under them. If anyone listened carefully they could hear the plastic garment crinkling each time I took a step. She took 4 years of hard intense work to brainwash me into accepting that no real woman would ever have any use for me and that my only role in life was to be available to the stray man who wanted to amuse himself by taking me. I enjoy your site, thank you. (curtsy)
i turn to you to tell You that You are the most erotic, exciting and humiliating - not to forget meanest - Mistress i ever met. Even thinking of You makes me hard all the time, in the office, in the department store, at the hairdresser, .. everywhere. Well your last weekly message really got me so hard i almost came by reading through Your email. O i love the thought of You expanding my rose butt. i think i would fight you a bit as a nine incher is a very big thing, but i would love it and melt in Your hands.
i agree that I'm a sissy , loser, dumbass, dipshit,jackass,and a idiot, thats why i love your website, is the best site of all in the internet, when i discovered it was fascinating.
i don't know how You do it , but You seem to be reading my mind. for years i have been searching for the exact kink which you seem to be in complete control of. Your web site is perfect! i have been listening to the audio stories and have been floored by them (i haven't cum yet ... i am really trying to deny myself, at least for a few more hours). i would love to know how You know that men like me exist and what we are thinking.
You are a genius and have an unlimited talent for being a cock teasing bitch. You know me so well, and It's true, I am a smart ass who needs a hard spanking then a long session with a dildo welding muscular mistress who can enfarce her will with ease. And maybe if I beg you, you'll allow me to ejaculate in my hand then lick it clean. Your adoring wimp
Dear Ms. Melissa As my controller, and consistent with Your directions within Your status as my Superior, Humiliatrix, and Auditor, i have complied with Your Order, by submitting my taxes today, April 15, 2002, as required of me by You. In order to demonstrate my respect and deference to You as my Superior, and to acknowledge my lowly status as a sissy, i attempted to change my username to Melissa's-sissyslut, yet learned that such was an unacceptable username. i, therefore, attempted to change it to Melissaownsme, as such would describe my appropriate status. Unfortunately, i learned that usernames must contain lowercase letters. I therefore changed my username to melissaownsme. i am hopeful that You find such acceptable. In light of Your status as my Controller and property-owner, and given my status as Your emasculated sissy-slut, i am, with the deference to which You are therefore entitled, most sincerely, mellisaownsme
Wow! What a site! Very impressed with the new content and design, new additions look tempting and HOT, love Melissa's diary ... OVER THE TOP ARTWORK is right! Best inside, glad i re-upped with You .... Thank You, Happy Customer, again.
Dear Amazing Melissa, my Alpha Girl Goddess, Thank you for sending the devastating email. By the time i finished reading it, i was so turned on i could barely think. i went straight to your site and hit the join button, like a hypnotized, drooling loser zombie.
Dear Ms. Melissa, This is a "thank you letter," although a few months ago when I discovered that my husband had been visiting your site, I was tempted to write you an angry, resentful letter. But a lot has changed since then -- changes that are a result in part of your internet site. Everything started when my best friend discovered that her husband was having an affair. She made the discovery by checking up on his computer activity. You see, she is quite the computer expert, and her husband didn't know that she could track just about everything he was doing. When she started to get suspicious, she checked on the internet sites he was visiting, on his e-mails, on some files that he thought were safe in a "hidden" folder. When she made her discovery of his infidelity, she dumped him ˆ and then taught me how to check up on my own husband's computer goings on. I was pretty sure I wouldn't discover anything of interest. I certainly was sure my husband was not having an affair, because, quite frankly, I couldn't imagine another woman putting up with his sexual inadequacies! He's rather small in the penis department, and he's as likely to orgasm before penetration as during (and if the intercourse itself lasts more than three minutes it's a record for him). During the six years of our marriage, I don't think I've ever orgasmed during sex with him. He thought that I did, because I'd fake it. But I didn't. Instead, I would pretend he'd satisfied me, and then use my handy vibrator to do the trick the next morning. But when I did my computer checkup I saw that he had been visiting a bunch of porn sites, and also went regularly to your site. I was shocked, angry, upset, MAD! At him ˆ and at the sites. That may be kind of irrational, but I was so upset that I wasn't thinking straight. And that's when I almost wrote you an angry letter. It took me a few hours to calm down, and thankfully I didn't do anything rash. Instead, I started exploring the sites he was visiting, and spent a lot of time at your site. And I finally decided ˆ if he truly desired to be a dominated cuckolded sissy, why not give him what he wanted? The next day, I went to my gym a changed woman. You see, there was this guy in one of my workout classes who had been hitting on me constantly. He was very nice, and quite good looking, and we'd had coffee together a few times, but I'd made sure that he knew that I was married and that I had no intention of cheating on my husband. I wasn't the only woman he'd gone after, mind you. Some other women in the class had not been as concerned with faithfulness as I had, and the word was that this guy could really give a woman what she needed! Well that day, when he approached me, I was much more welcoming than usual, and before the class was over I'd agreed to go to his apartment when we were done. How was it? It was GREAT! I had FOUR orgasms. We went at it for HOURS. And afterwards all I could think was what a fool I had been to have felt that I should have been faithful to my pathetic limp dicked husband. My now-a-cuckold pathetic limp dicked husband! That night, my husband and I had LONG talk. Actually, I did most of the talking. He mainly apologized, begged, and cried. I told him what I'd discovered on the computer. I told him how unsatisfied sexually I had been. I told him what I thought of his useless little cock. I told him what I had done that afternoon, and that I had every intention of continuing to have sex with other men. And I set down a new set of rules for our relationship. No intercourse ˆ that was something that I would reserve for my boyfriends who were man enough to do me the way I needed to be done. I flung a pair of my panties at him and made him put them on and I told him that I wanted him to always wear panties from then on. And no more porn surfing for him ˆ but a lot more time spent doing household chores. One internet site he still does get to visit, though, is yours. Every Friday now, we both visit it to hear the latest of your great humiliation messages. They give me new ideas for ways to treat my hubby. And for my hubby? Fridays are the days he gets to masturbate, but only if your message has given him permission! I make him sit wearing nothing but his panties as we listen to the message, and his little penis always gets hard and he plays with himself when you tell him to, and of course he is always hopeful that your message will include permission to cum. The past few weeks I've even had my current boyfriend join us to watch my husband listen to your message. So ˆ THANKS! My life is so much better now than it was just three or four months ago, and a lot of that is thanks to you and your wonderful site.
Hi Melissa, Boy you got my number.
Thanks for your website Humiliatrix. I signed up the other month, and found this the most exciting and yet humiliating web site ever! I was on it nearly every other night, always with the risk of being caught, but I couldn't resist it. Just to hear your voice -you knew so much about me, I just became a gibbering wreck before you. So embarrassing! When my subscription ran out, I collapsed exhausted! But your e-mail updates always teased and tempted me back. I was doing really well until returning from a few days away I got your e-mail about the strap-on, and that has me fumbling for my credit card like a dutiful puppy. I can't resist it!
i couldn't stay away! i signed up several months ago and was delirious for the month ... constantly on your marvelous web site. but i promised myself i wouldn't join again, after all its alot of money for me. but you wore me down with your teasing emails .. i must admit that i wacked off to the emails! but that wasn't enough. Now i am here to stay, damn the cost! what power you have.




You have outdone yourself this time! I love the first person stuff (talking to me, rather than reading a story). Your voice is just "to die for", and I have, many times already (you've heard of petit mort?). Your laughter melts my heart with the efficiency of broken glass. I love this website!
Dear Unobtainable, Ball-Busting, Goddess Melissa, Your messages just get stronger and more devastating, and my submission and acceptance of my place in this world as a compliant, pathetic wimp for desirable women just grows... urrghhh... You are fantastic Melissa.
this could very well be the best site on the net...been following you since my first issue of Whap! in '96.....yes, is suspect i am a bit of a loser....thanks for being my online Goddess...and keeping me aware of my awful existence....
  Just wanted to tell you what an awesome job(I know its been weeks) you did with Nurse Melissa. I cannot handle listening to it. It makes me wig out. I know what you think of me, but I had to tell you how amazing that sequence is for me. I love listening to it trying to tease and control myself. Never works. Keep it up, your an amazing woman.
I adore you very very much! Your website was the one that I've been always looking for, thanks for its creation. I've been always fantasizing about such a beautiful young woman like you to emasculate me and it came true with your creation of the Humiliatrix. Thanks for making me feel like a wanker,like a jerk off that Iam. Thank you very very much!!!  
I love your site. I have just heard the audio files and I am shocked. They are hugely emasculating. I am a 29 years old macho type man from Spain: arrogant,boshy,a bragger, but I cannot explain what I feel when hearing you. My ego seems to dwindle at high speed, and I can hardly see my cockhead, shriveled as it is.
i stumbled onto Your site....It's amazing....i'm trying to resist giving You control of my finances. i've become quite sore as a result of my efforts along those lines.....not gaining the control i was hoping for.....i tried not to write---which i think is the first step in my downfall. Perhaps i'll gain strength.
  You know, Melissa, it's a *very* long wait between Fridays for all of us who adore you.
Enclosed is another $20 to prevent the lapse of my subscription to Humiliatrix.com, which would be unthinkable. I purchased the money order at a grocery store, and it was degrading in the usual way, for I know what the checkout clerk was thinking: that I must be buying a money order to subscribe to a disgusting pornographic web site. I wanted to say, "No, no! It's a really classy site! You should see it! It's humiliatrix.com!" But then I thought better of it, and just took my lumps. Thanks for being so accommodating. It's certainly an amazing website.
Most Wonderful Mistress Melissa, Thank You for honouring me with another emasculating email. I am new to the internet scene but definitely found Your site very quickly indeed and have been extremely humbled in a very short time by Your obvious knowledge of what we loser jerkers get up to when reading Your humiliating orders or read one of Your commands or hears one of Your fantastic tapes.I think that the way You laugh at me makes me feel a real jerk off, a wanker, a weenie puller.
You are an incredible woman, I think You are fantastic, I love how You treat us. Keep up the great work, I will be joining your website again for sure. thank you thank you
I know that Melissa is way too busy to handle email from worthless posers like my self. I hope you may find it sufficiently amusing that you may forward it on to Melissa. I just imagine the women at the office passing this around the office, smirking and laughing at the typical stupidity of pathetic wankers such as myself. I just imagine being there in person suffering from the knowing looks of the staff - very humiliating.
O, Most Adorable Ones, Having visited the Sardax site, I immediately found the link to humiliatrix.com. I was ravished by the inner mapping that you seem to have accomplished of my mind--a mind that I heretofore considered very complex. Obviously, you have rendered it typical. I am one of the usual suspects--over-sexed, over-educated, quim-starved, can't keep self-pleasuring under control, 49 year old white male. But very pleased to have discovered the world of retro-systems.
After my first month's subscription to You site expired yesterday, i gladly renewed. i wait for Melissa's update each Friday. It's really quite scary how well She understands the mind of the submissive male.
Subject matter on your preview seems to blow away any other fem dom sites, including owk. You should definitely produce videos.
too cool! more power to you - hope you rule the world!
A.G.G.R. -- Alpha Girl Goddesses Rule! (you are a genius! what fabulous website!)
Your voice is intoxicating and creates a dependency very quickly. As humiliating as it may be, listening to your voice is one thing I look forward to.
My "sexual muse"! Outstanding. What a delightful line of work for a person. And it's true -- weirdly enough, I have become more productive since finding your site. The remote parts of the brain work in very strange ways. Do keep pouring it on.
t's so often said in the comments section but I have to add, you know all of my secrets. I was yours the first time I visited your site. How pathetic,
Thank you, Melissa i love your voice and laugh i love your degrading messages i love giving you money so you can farce me jackoff thank you thank you thank you
Your subject matter seems to be some of the best on the subject of fem dom, male sub.
I've been a member of your site for about a month now. I'd just like to say that you have some great content, and it gets to me pretty quickly. I love your style. I'm a tease/denial junkie, I'd love to see some more of that. In fact, I can't look at the photos on your site under your Humiliatrices because it drives me too insane.
The audio files are new horizons in erotica, beautifully performed, full of mischief, humor, and eerie knowledge of the submissive mind. I can't never wait to hear what you have come up with next to torment the weird inner recesses of my mind. I consistently am amazed. On a world wide web full of pornographic junk, at last there is someone who provides a first-rate kinky mindfuck that is insulting of everything except the participant's intelligence (sort of).
You're terrific. You deserve an Oscar, unless you're for real, in which case you deserve whatever you want.
I think your handling of customers and development of site are just great. I wish you continued success.
You have the most seductive, enrapturing giggle!), whether they are being teased and humiliated, or tortured severely. I never enjoyed that "Strict, stern" mistress stuff with leather & PVC .... The other aspect of your site that I love is the gentle feminine lingerie and clothing / make up etc. - I love it!
Dear Melissa....my wife has caught me using your site and has now taken over mylife. She has me shaved , powdered and pantied...even to work , and i am a busy investment broker. Please Help ! What can I do ?
Melissa... the torment is excruciating. please tell me what i can do to untangle myself from your web... i feel like those french manicured nails are constantly scraping my back...
My top ten Melissa-isms: 10. Hello there, hamper skunk!
9. Gobble gobble!
8. It's never gonna happen. But you can still pretend!
7. You've gotta be kidding me.
6. Grr!
5. The Maureen Dowd joke.
4. I *love* it.
3. Just the word itself kind of tickles your little scrotum. Doesn't it?
2. uh, uh, uh...pfft!
1. The mocking laughter, all of it, especially the little kind, that interrupts you when you tell your stories.
Having visited the Sardax site, I immediately found the link to humiliatrix.com. I was ravished by the inner mapping that you seem to have accomplished of my mind--a mind that I heretofore considered very complex. Obviously, you have rendered it typical.
Melissa: I just joined your site today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an incredible site with crotch-numbing writing. I have never run across writing so erotic that I literally tremble when reading it. Oh, how I hope Humiliatrix will grow and grow. As for what finally drew me in- your wonderfully written intro giving warning about how you will exploit my own desires. Also, Plaid Skirts... and Blueballed audios are outstanding. I can only say more, more, more!  
Your website has such a original style to it. Not so "whips and chains" but more sophisticated with style and wit (humor as well).
I have recently became a member of your wonderful site. Congratulations on your wonderful job.
After my first month's subscription to Your site expired yesterday, i gladly renewed... i wait for Melissa's update each Friday. It's really quite scary how well She understands the mind of the submissive male.
It was indeed a privilege to view Your new website "Humiliatrix.com".
Humiliatrix.com is your best. Very Hot.
Dear Melissa, Thank you for making the changes on the audio file. I tried downloading it previously, but I couldn't get it to work. I just listened to it. It is WONDERFUL!! I cannot get over how beautiful that woman's voice is. Her voice is absolutely perfect. The subject material is terrific, and her sexy giggle (at the end) makes me tremble when I hear it. In general, I'm very, very pleased with your magazine. You have the psychology down just perfectly, better than anything I've ever read on the web or in print. I've already read my favorite articles multiple times. And I'm really looking forward to next month's issue. Again, thanks and keep up the great work!
Dear Mistress Melissa: you have a lovely web site. thank You for allowing me to gaze upon it. thank You, Mistress.
Dear Melissa, I just wanted to write to tell You that You are an incredible woman, I love just about all of your real audio files, especially the 5 minute cuckold, that was fantastic. I am a wimp and would love to be degraded & humiliated by You. I don't think there is anything I wouldn't do for you
i have enjoyed being a member and being put in my proper place.  
Dear MISTRESS Melissa, Your most wonderful e-zine covers the most vital topics of all - how males should become the slaves and property of Dominant Women. All of the topics that you have mentioned are most wonderful. i hope to live 24/7 in all these ways as a real slave to a genuine Humiliatrix.
i joined your wonderful site (humiliatrix.com) a few months ago and loved it -- how often does the content get updated? It's obvious you know what wimps like me need. Thank you for your time Ma'am.
Huzzahs and kudos for a great site! In fact, it is so great I decided to become a member...at least for this month as I check out all the material on the site.
Yesterday I visited your WebPage for the first time and I only can say that I love it. The concept of Humiliatrix is just fantastic.
I think you have a great idea for your site...very tasteful and chic yet (delightfully) dirty at the same time. Also I appreciate the fact that you don't have "back-button links" leading to trashy porn sites, or open to them on trying to close the browser, AND that you don't auto-bill the credit card. Yes, my wife and I are both perverts...but we rarely, if ever, sign up for any "porn" sites for exactly those reasons. Thanks for such a refreshing change in mature website content and presentation!
I want to take a moment to thank you for your most exquisite website. I was very impressed and I enjoy a most ravishing afternoon there. Wonderful work!      



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